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BYRON BAY - 2 day Photography & Creative Business Workshop

Creative business & Photography

Day 1
We will be talking about photography as a craft, how to get better at it, stand out or just learn a few new tricks. I want to break down why you like what you do and talk about our “styles”. I want you to be able to make work that you love and bring more style into what you do.

Workflow methods
(including culling, editing, and album design)
Natural lighting
How to create a style/mood to your images
Live shoot
We will touch on film techniques

Day 2
Let’s talk about the scary stuff…business! I want to give you a new perspective on business and show you that it is not scary at all. I will show you how you can use it as a vehicle to do the things you want in life. We will discuss different marketing approaches, how to present your work to clients, adding value to your work and start getting the inquiries you want.