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F*ck being a starving artist.

Don’t apologise for the fact that you make money with your talent.

Learn how to get your cash flowing so you can run your business and keep the dream alive.

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Here's what's in the book:

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Chapter 1.
What is cash flow?

Money talk gets complicated — but it doesn't have to be. This chapter breaks down what the concept means with relatable real-life examples.


Chapter 2.
How to manage

Stay on top of your business with 14 practical tips you can apply today to make sure you'll always have money when you need it.

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Chapter 3.
Five Week Challenge

Overhaul your financial situation without the overwhelm. This challenge will take you through the steps of improving your finances, one week at a time.

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Get cash flow'in
like a BOSS

And run a sustainable creative business that allows you to live the dream.

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Before starting Free the Bird, there was one thing missing in my life: passion. It’s hard to live happily without this vital ingredient so (with the push of my wife) I put everything on the line and I started following my dreams.

Five years later I am still here, as passionate about photography as the day I started, making a sustainable living doing the work I love.

I want this for you, too. In this book, I’ll help you set up and manage this crucial element of your business foundation, so you can pursue your passions and take control of your dreams.

Jai - Cashflowin Mockup.png

cash flow'in
like a BOSS

And improve the state of your business finances today.

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