I Shot A Wedding On An iPhone: Heres What Happened


As a wedding photographer, I shoot weddings every weekend of the year and not an event goes by without guests approaching me to talk about how much they love their phone cameras. No matter what I’m doing, they’ll stop me dead in my tracks and show me photos from their last holiday. These days itʼs pretty rare to be at a wedding without every guest having a phone in their hand and taking stacks of photos - even the oldies get their enormous iPads out! After flicking through their latest holiday snaps, the next question is usually, “Do you think you could shoot a wedding on a phone?” After being asked this so many times, I thought I’d give it a go.

With this particular wedding, I decided to shelf my expensive gear and put my iPhone’s camera to the test. The light was nice and it was the perfect conditions for taking photos, so it probably wonʼt come as a huge surprise that I managed to get some pretty decent images. 

However, it was much harder to use a phone as opposed to my professional cameras because...well, a bunch of reasons, the biggest one being that a phone is still a little too slow in comparison with a top-of-the-range camera and it doesn’t have the user-friendliness for documentary-style photography. 

Of course, I should be able to take some nice shots with an iPhone. I’m a photographer - taking great photos is literally my job! You’ve probably heard this before, but itʼs not the camera that makes a good image, itʼs the photographer. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking - are phone cameras going to kill the wedding photography industry? Are my friends going to start having their weddings shot on an iPhone?! My answer is...not right now and not in the foreseeable future. 

Phone cameras have dramatically improved in recent years and their quality is pretty incredible but they’re still not at the standard of a professional camera. But you never know - based on the current speed of technological advancement, anything could happen over time. 

Anyway, check out some of the images I took with my iPhone and tell me what you think. Are phone cameras almost ready to take over the photography scene? Are you surprised by the quality of these images? Are tempted to shoot your wedding on an iPhone?!

All images shot with an Apple iPhone Xs.

wedding shot with an iphone.jpg
iphone photo from a wedding.jpg
wedding shot with an iphone.jpg
wedding shot with an iphone x.jpg
wedding shot with iphoneX.jpg
Wedding Shot with an iphone.jpg
wedding shot on iphone.jpg
wedding shot with an iphone.jpg
wedding shot with an iphone Xs.jpg
wedding shot on iphone by free the bird.jpg
wedding shot with an iphone.jpg

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