Workshop Reflection : Sydney 2017

free the bird workshop.jpg

A workshop is always such a big task. Putting together all the content, organising a space, all the sponsors and food. It can be overwhelming for me in the lead up to the workshop. But once everyone gets together and I see all these eager faces, it makes it all worth it. A workshop does more than just help people with their business/photography problems, it creates a community and a support network of people on the same journey.

At these workshops I get so surprised by how diverse the groups can be. You get people that are just starting out and they are looking for a reason to quit their 9-5 and you get photographers that have been in the industry for 15+ years. I think it is worthwhile for everyone to invest in themselves, no matter how much they know or how good they are. We are always learning and the moment we stop is the moment we should choose a different path.

Leelou took some great behind the scenes photos of this workshop and I am very happy to share them with you. This beautiful warehouse space was a real treat to be in. I think you need a good environment to learn in to keep you inspired. I am lucky enough to have a great relationship with the girls behind “Hello May Magazine” and they not only supplied the space but also organised the live shoot we had on day one. It was a dream team to work with!

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free the bird workshop.jpg
free the bird workshop.jpg
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Jai Long