How to get more sales with albums

How to get more sales with albums.


Do you remember finding your parents wedding album when you were a kid and flicking through the pages? Do you remember giggling at the outfits they wore and the strange poses their photographer had them do? Reliving a wedding day through a wedding album can bring back so much joy to the couple and also help the photographers work be spread around!

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The first thing to keep in mind is that ultimately, most of your couples will want an album once they see one. The only wedding album your couple might have seen is their parent’s album and while they enjoyed looking through it, it’s definitely not what they wanted for their own wedding.

In this article, I’d love to help you work out how wedding albums could play a big part in your wedding photography business to help you increase your profit and also be an incredible selling tool and help you book more of your ideal clients.

But first, let’s cover a few misconceptions about wedding albums.

  1. They’re too difficult to make.

  2. They’re too expensive.

  3. My clients just want the digital files.

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There has never been a better time to be a wedding photographer with software like Smart Albums and Fundy which both take the pain out of designing a wedding album. With drag and drop simplicity and proofing tools built in, it takes all the guesswork out of your design and you can be confident that what you see on screen is what your album will look like in print. We’ve partnered with both of these companies to make ordering your first Vision Art Book an easy experience. They have all of our spec’s built right in, so you simply choose your size, choose your border width and you’re ready to start designing!

To get you started with your first Vision Art Book we have 50% off sample albums all year round. Some photographers are gifting these books to select favourite wedding venues to be sales tools, but more on that later.

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The majority of couples won’t know they want an album until they see one.
— Kyle Klingler

“We just want a USB”. Hands up if you’ve heard this before? While there are definitely some couples who have decided they don’t want an album, the majority of couples won’t know they want an album until they see one. The best thing you can do is place an album in your couples’ hands and let them experience it for themselves. If you’re meeting with couples in person you can easily do this, but what about if you meet your clients over Skype? Have you considered sending them a sample album to check out and sending a stamped self-addressed mailer ready for them to send it back? Sure, it might cost a small amount to post it, but the increased likelihood of the sale will more than outweigh that small investment.

With your sample albums, we highly recommend showing your clients exactly what you want to sell. Whether the sample album lives in your studio or in a venue, we recommend investing in a couple’s dream album, rather than going for a cut down simplified album.

One of the reasons we’ve mentioned sample albums in venues a few times is because it’s one of the most powerful ways to help you book weddings and the clients that first experience your work in a book are far more likely to invest in a book of their own. By doing this, you can comfortably expect to improve your sale by 30 - 40%.

When a couple meets you in person, they’re often looking to work out a few things. The first thing is that they want to see that you’re the kind of person that they’d want to spend the day with. The other thing is that they’re wanting to see more of your work. If the couple has found you on Instagram for example, they would have a good idea of what the top 3 or 4 images look like from each wedding, but perhaps not what the story looks like as a whole. This is where a wedding album is the perfect way to sell your work.

We have many people ask us, “but how do I price an album”?

The standard in the photography industry seems to be that if the product cost you $300, that you’d sell it for $1000, so product cost is around 30%. We also recommend putting together a few albums first and timing how long it took and make sure that you’re paying yourself a fair wage for the time you’ve put in.

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“But how do I encourage my couples to actually buy an album?”

Benefits, benefits, benefits. Apple does such a great job of selling us their products because they push the benefits to us. That’s all you need to do to sell an album. Place the album in their hands, help them get excited about the experience of owning an album and more often than not a couple will be keen to invest. The key here is that for others to be excited about your product, you need to be excited about it first. One of our favourite things here at Vision Art is seeing everyone’s unique albums. We are able to work with you to customise your album to suit your preferences to a T! Having an album that truly represents your style as a photographer goes a long way in helping you love the albums you’re selling! As of writing this we have 147 materials + 19 sizes + 4 book types + 2 cover styles + 5 end-sheet options which means that we have 1,367,533,860 possible books and that’s not taking into account your brilliant design work!  What we’ve found is that our clients often pick a few options that they know will be popular with their clients and simply offer those and if you have a client that has a certain something in mind, you’ll be the hero when you are able to find something that exactly fits their needs. By offering such a custom product you’ll find that your clients will be willing to invest their money with you!

We’d love to make an album for you!

If we can help in any way, we’d love to hear from you!

Kyle and the Vision Art Team.

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