It is easy for me to talk up the workshops, but I think the proof
is in the pudding and it just makes sense to share some of the people that have done the workshop and have really rocketed their businesses to new heights.

alex cohan

If you had to do only one workshop in your life, then it had to be Jai - Free the Bird.
I have take on SO much for my own business, Jai shares his knowledge so openly with so much passion. 
He knows what he is talking about and all the years of experience to run a successful business.
I couldn’t be more grateful to have cross path with Jai and attend his workshops.

He is one inspiring human being.

and pine

Jai's workshop is absolutely epic. I left feeling so inspired I didn't know what to do with myself!
It's such a great boost and a seriously inspiring guys. An actual self-made man, not another one of those who "started off with a small loan from my dad of a million dollars." ... Contrary to what I anticipated, I actually enjoyed the business part of the workshop the most!