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I’ve lost it all. I’ve been bankrupt. I’ve been at rock bottom. And you know what? These potential outcomes no longer scare me. I learned more from those experiences than I would have in a lifetime of business school.

But I’m still scared of what's coming over the horizon. It could even be something positive, like a crazy new level of success or an opportunity that I’ve never even thought of before; however, as Honoré de Balzac said, "Our greatest fears lie in anticipation." 

I know that it's natural to be afraid of the unknown but I’m working on changing my mindset, opening up to new experiences and ultimately embracing all the different facets of what it means to be ‘successful’, both in business and in life.

My story isn’t about how I lost it all; it's about who I want to become, what I’m inspired by and how I can push myself to a whole new level in everything I do. The new chapters in my story are focused on how I make people feel and how I can help them chase their dreams - it’s about making the impossible…well, possible. 

Thank you for joining me on what’s going to be my most exciting journey yet.

Jai Long




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